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CabTec - Qualitätssicherung - Kabelkonfektion, Baugruppenmontage, Automobilkabel

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CabTec investiert in neueste Technologie beim Thema Schrumpfen

Die Cabtec erweitert und ersetzt in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten die Anlagen zur Applikation von Schrumpfschläuchen in allen Werken. Mit dem Partner TE ist nach eine ausführlichen praktischen Analyse der Produkte ein Anlagenkonzept vereinbart worden was den heutigen Anforderungen inkl. Barcode Scanning entspricht.


August 2017 - CabTec invests in the newest technology: shrinkable tubing

We are going to enhance and replace all of our installations with shrinkable tubing technology over the next several months. After a detailed and practical analysis of our products, together with our partner TE, we developed an installation concept which will reflect today’s requirements incl. Bar code scanning.

CabTec beschafft mehere KABATEC Speedtec Wickelautomaten

Die CabTec hat 2 neue vollautomatische Sonder-Wickelmaschinen der Firma KabaTec bestellt.

Diese werden in den nächsten Monaten in Betrieb gehen und somit den Automatisierungsweg der CabTec weiter prägen. Die Sondermaschine SpeedTec garantiert eine effiziente Bandage von Kabelsätzen mit variabler Drehzahl und Steigung und Klebebandbreiten von 9-19mm.


July 2017 – CabTec purchased multiple KABATEC Speedtec winding machines

We ordered two new full automated winding machines from KabaTec. The machines will start operating within the next moths and will shape our automation. The winding machines from SpeedTec guarantee an efficient bandage of cable sets with a variable speed gradient, and adhesive tape widths from 9 to 19mm.

Development of special components - Püplichhuisen

The companies Püplichhuisen KG and CabTec AG in Rotkreuz have reached an supply agreement about TE Ocean applicators on 11th.of December 2014.


 Cabtec AG - Kabelkonfektion, Baugruppenmontage, Automobilkabel


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Message from the CEO


Joerg Kientz, CEO CabTec Group


CabTec is growing and not only last year’s stable sales increase is evidence. Also 2014 started very well and we need more space. On 4th of June CabTec laid the foundation stone for the new production hall in Szekszárd in the presence of local politicians. From September on we will gain additional 3`000 m2 for production and office. CabTec is the second largest employer and thus important economic support to the region.

Also in the Hungarian headquarter Kecskemét we rented another hall with 2`000 m2 only 200 meters away. It provides us with greater flexibility to use new technologies and to meet customer requirements.

Last year, our production in China could locally make a name of themselves. Due to the internationally recognized ISO 9001 and ISO TS16949, our customers can expect sound quality and clear processes. In the meantime about 50 people work at CabTec Suzhou.

The business in the first half of 2014 has a very positive trend and we can achieve our ambitious goals. We look forward to the challenges ahead in the second half and meet them motivated, according to our motto specific - personal - competent.

Joerg Kientz


Rotkreuz, 16. Juni 2014

Foundation Stone Ceremony for new hall in Szekszárd

In the presence of representatives of the Mayor's Office Szekszárd, the Chamber of Commerce of Tolna and and the Hungarian Agency for foreign economic, the foundation stone of our new hall for the production site Szekszárd has been laid. The guests of honour signed a joint paper with good wishes for the new construction. This document, a daily newspaper, coins and a prefabricated cable were solemnly buried in a time capsule in the ground.

 Foundation Stone Ceremony CabTec Szekszárd


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New Site Manager in Kecskemét


We are glad, to present you our new Site Manager. We were able to fill the open position internally with Tibor Berta who last was Head of Internal Sales and substitute factory manager.


In the last four years Mr Berta acquired a profound company knowledge in his different tasks. Because of his function as substitute factory manager he already is familiar with a lot of responsibilities and tasks of his future job.



Tibor Berta, Production Manager Kecskemét




 Name: Tibor Berta

 Function: Site Manager Kecskemét

 Tel.: +36-76 88 7071















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Founder member of VMDA working partnerhsip Medical Engineering

On 11th of March 2014 the VDMA founded a new working partnership for Medical Engineering. CabTec is a founder member among more than 80 others, they aim to create a common platform for product development in medical technology.

 Founder member of VMDA working partnerhsip Medical Engineering


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New Site Manager for Szekszárd

Mr. Csaba Török started his work as Site Manager of CabTec Szekszárd in the beginning of March.
He replaces Judit Bauer, who says goodbye into pregnancy leave after a long cooperation.


Csaba Török, Production Manager Szekszárd

 Name: Csaba Török

 Function: Site Manager Szekszárd

 Tel.: +36-70-445-4796










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ISO TS 16949 Certificate for CabTec Suzhou


Only a good year after start of production of our new factory in Suzhou, we obtained the ISO TS 16949 certificate.


ISO TS 16949 for CabTec Suzhou



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Workplace Condition Report


Already last January CabTec has been confirmed externally the good working conditions in their factories.


In the two-day audit, the local conditions such as premises, infrastructure and safety measures were analysed. Furthermore they had a look upon the so-called "soft factors" such as training opportunities, leadership, variety of tasks and career opportunities.

 Workplace Condition Report of CabTec


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Dual educational system at CabTec Kft.

The successful dual system of education in the German-speaking countries was introduced in Hungary in 2012. The combination of theory and practice is for companies such as trainees a great asset. To instruct the own specialists and managers actively, especially to the company-specific conditions and requirements, forms a solid basis for well-trained and motivated staff.


Since September 2013 CabTec has three new trainees to become "skilled workers of mechatronic maintenance". The training lasts two years and includes about a 2/3s of school and 1/3 of working experience.

Trainee Szabó István Trainee Tasi István Trainee Trepák Márton
István Szabó István Tasi Márton Trepák


 Group picture trainees


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CabTec goes Social Media


With the company profiles on XING and LinkedIn CabTec is now present in the social web. This gives our potential customers another possibility to get in contact and start the dialog with us. Furthermore CabTec gets a lot of sympathetic faces. Follow us and you will receive all the latest interesting news of CabTec.




CabTec Group


New organization in Business Units

CabTec is constantly evolving. To meet the challenges of increasing internationalization, the two business divisions Industry & High-tech as well as automotive were organizationally separated. We inform you about the personnel changes, which are realized by the increased market focus.

New organization at CabTec


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New video to plastic engineering at CabTec

In cooperation with our partner Krezs & Fiedler, since 2009 CabTec developes and produces according to customer request plastic applications like plugs, sockets, cable anchorage around the wiring harness.


To give you a visual impression of our competence concerning plastic engineering, we created a new video.


Click here to see our video:

CabTec - your competent partner for plastic engineering

Use our expertise in terms of materials to be used and their specific properties. Discuss your ideas and problems with our specialists, we develop solutions together.

Knowhow transfer to subsidiary in China

Our subsidiary in Suzhou has been supported intensively from our specialists from Hungary and Switzerland during the last months. Our three colleagues Jakab Sándor, Márta Wandraschek and Attila Nagy have been on the scene in China and will continuously be replaced from further personal.


Our CabTec expats in Suzhou, China


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Value Stream Teams at CabTec

In the beginning of the year in all of CabTec`s subsidiaries we build „Value Stream Teams (VST)“. Our Project Manager, Mr. Károly Ruzsonik (Debuty Managing Director CabTec Kecskemét – staff of 450), has been leading every step of the project, from the idea to the implementation. The change is already in progress for some time, so the first results and conclusions can be drawn. Mr. Ruzsonik answered all of our questions:


CabTec: What are we to understand by „Value Stream Teams“?


K. Ruzsonik: "The goal was to eliminate the interface problems between the individual departments (purchasing, sales staff, project management Hungary). The focus was on the value chain, which we formed into cross-functional teams. Thanks to the now very short lines of communication in the team, we can react much more quickly to customer needs."



Value Stream Team at CabTec



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CabTec in Suzhou, China is ready to serve you

We announce with great pleasure and pride that our new plant in Suzhou began its operation in September 2012.


We have managed to put together a competent management with an operative team in just 9 months. The local management and the employees will be supported locally by competent professionals from Switzerland and Hungary up to the highest levels of management.


 news 01_cabtec_suzhou_10 CabTec Suzhou Management   news 01_cabtec_suzhou_02


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Our new website is live

We are immensely pleased to present our new website.


We have invested great effort in its redesign and are convinced that it was worth it. The design of the new website is aligned with our business objective. It is multilingual and available in 5 languages: German, English, French, Hungarian and Chinese.


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Expansion in injection moulding, an investment in the future

To expand and modernize our machinery in the area of plastics engineering, a new low-pressure injection moulding unit with cutting-edge extrusion technology has been put into operation.


In comparison to tank technology, the extruder melts only that amount of material that is needed for the next injection. In addition to simple and safe change of the material, very high process safety for demanding parts is ensured.


news 04_zukunft_01  news 04_zukunft_02


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